3   Balbarrup

Large formal country garden

Our autumn garden is quite stunning! We both feel the autumn colours, the contrast with conifers and late afternoon hue, override the spring garden. The garden is quite large (approx 1 hectare) composed of deciduous trees, conifers, roses and perennials to name a few.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see such a diverse range of trees and colours, which change week by week at this time. Autumn leaves litter the drive way and garden beds, which add to the ambience of our garden.

Don’t miss as this may be the last time it is on public display.

John and Sally Towie  9772 4242 

528 Balbarrup Road, Manjimup.  Travelling from Bridgetown southwards, turn left onto Balbarrup Road south of Palgarup (bitumen road) and follow bitumen until you meet Perup Road approx 5/6 km. Go straight across onto gravel road ahead (Balbarrup Road) for just over  1km. Turn left for parking.

Travelling from Manjimup, enter onto Perup Road at South Western Highway near the northern timber arch and head east for approx 5kms (bitumen). Turn right at Balbarrup Road (gravel), do not go over the bridge on the Wilgarup River. Go for approx 1km and turn left for parking.

Entry: $5. Plants for sale