202 Arcadia

Open Main Festival- Thurs 1 to Sunday 4 November

An amazing garden with a wide variety of trees and different zones.

I like to say Arcadia designed itself. It is situated on a 1/4 acre block and did not exist 20 years ago apart from a giant Murray River Gumtree and an ancient native Peppermint. However these trees accidently supplied the ecosystem required for my semi-rain forest garden of giant tree ferns and black bamboo. A Japanese Tori Gate sits astride a winding blue path leading to a garden deck. I am told that it is unique to the Bridgetown area.

The front garden consists of lemon and lime trees, an established Gingko, Japanese Maple, Silver birches, mass plantings of Black Bamboo and Nandina Domestica. There is a courtyard with sub-tropicals and azaleas and the back verandah is covered in Glory Vine.

Jann Bary  9742 4015

20 Coronation Street, Bridgetown

Entry: $5

My art will be for sale.