103   Brackenhurst


Heritage house sits amongst a beautiful garden

Open Saturday 4th-Sunday 5th May

This 91 year old homestead with its surrounding garden of old tree, camellias and roses is entered along a roadway lined with oaks, ashes and other deciduous trees. A driveway lined with Poplars and Seduction roses leads to sweeping lawns that extend into the magnificent countryside.

A fire swept through Bridgetown in 2009 and one third of the Brackenhurst garden was lost to the fire. A major replanting of hundreds of oak and other deciduous trees and roses was undertaken to replace those destroyed by fire. The gardens have one of the largest collections of roses in the South West. All the damaged rose trellises were replaced and a new structure was built especially for Alister Clark climbers. This is a magnificent garden over a large area.

Ruth & Anthony Egerton-Warburton  9761 1295 

Warburton Road is 2.8 km north of Bridgetown on the western side of South West Highway. The house and garden are at the end of the road. Please note that number 103 is the entrance to the farm but you need to continue along the road to number 239, which is the entrance to the garden.

Entry: $5  All monies going to Henri Nouwen House for families in crisis.

Tea and coffee being supplied by Henri Nouwen House. Two toilets. Water caution.

Parking on site above the house.

Assisted transport around gardens if needed.