Autumn 2018 Festival

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower       …Albert Camus

butterfly small

Autumn is always a welcome relief from summer: the nights are cooler, the days still warm and there is usually the occasional shower or two.

The season has something else: it has small surprises, mostly pleasant, not of the monumental kind. A mushroom will appear on the lawn overnight, there are little pointy holes dug in gardens and paddocks, a sure sign of quendas foraging. Haemanthes lily flowers pop up from the ground with not a leaf to be seen. Suddenly, almost overnight, a tree is a blaze of brilliant scarlet foliage. Quinces are ripening with the later apples, as well as walnuts, chestnuts and hazel nuts. Blooms of the sasanqua camelias are out  and flowers such as chrysanthemums are showing their autumn finery.

This year’s Autumn Festival is on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 of May. Come and explore our autumn gardens – and be surprised!

The Gardens and Events

The sidebar at right  will provide links to all the gardens, to a table of garden opening days, and to the event program. Right now it is being updated.

The Bridgetown Garden Fair

On Saturday May 5 we will be holding the Autumn  Garden Fair to coincide with the Festival. It will run from 8.30am to 3.30pm.

The garden fair is held by the Blackwood River in the grounds of Ford House. There will be plant specialists, garden sculptures, unique garden related gifts, tools etc. and of course coffee and delicious food. It is an idyllic location with plenty of room for each stall holder to display their wares. We would love you to participate and help make this another fantastic event for beautiful Bridgetown.

The 2018 Autumn Festival includes a very full program of events, including the Garden Fair. Details will be added to the web site as they are finalised.

Festival Centre

The Festival Centre is at Hillview Garden Centre, at 200 Hampton St/South Western Highway – on the left as you come into Bridgetown from Greenbushes.

Contact us

Enquiries – Phone 0476 172 900